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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bear Grylls, what a stud!

Man vs wild is a fun show, with some valuable information, but Bear is very fit, has a lot of support and some great camera teams.

Honestly I think he's crazy with some of the stunts he manages to pull off. He's way too reckless for me, but it sure sells the show.

Be sure to check out his show with Will Ferrell tonight on Discovery, I'm betting it will be great fun.

In general I prefer Survivorman with Les Stroud; the techniques and concepts are similar but I admire a man packing all his own equipment and who is more aware of safety. One minor injury in the field can be fatal when you're alone without support or easy backup.

I'd love to see a survival show where the experts have to park it in place for a month or so and develop a solid long-term survival camp. They would be allowed some reasonable equipment depending upon the situation.
-A lost hunter might have a rifle with 10 rounds, a days worth of food, equipment to process an animal etc.
-A vacationeer lost in a rough patch of mountain passes in the winter; do you hear a Kim?
-Your airplane ditches on a mountain top, what do you do to survive?

Yes. these are tests of more than just your daily needs, but that's what we prepare for.

Oh I could go on and easily challenge the experts in my area of expertise.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm not a perfect prepper, hell; I'm not even good.

My raised beds still aren't cleared of weeds, and only 3 are planted properly, all but one of my rain catchment systems are still working and the yard looks more like field.
I claim to be tired, working full-time plus, for a company struggling to survive. I add time for volunteering to the police department, Search and Rescue and then being dad, and don't even consider all the IT support questions I field.

You do what you can do everyday, If you can't do today; do better tomorrow.

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