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Monday, October 12, 2009

Dog Food

It sounds silly to me until recently. I just bought the good stuff for my boys, they deserve it. Now it's a new story. $50 for 40 lbs of dog food didn't really used to bother me, it was cheaper than ground beef. But then I couldn't afford $25 for 40 lbs of dog food. So maybe it's time to find another way to feed my 'other' kids. They already want to eat everything out of the garbage, what if we just make sure they don't get the things that aren't appropriate?

Say you make up a big pot of rice or noodles and have some leftovers, what about beans, refried or other meats, you know veggies are good for them. It's some nice protein. My dogs can smell a 1/64 lb Mcdonalds patty (just kidding) a mile away, I bet they would be just as happy to have the flavor with the volume. God knows that they stare at me like they know the difference.

Some recipes to follow, not sure how the dog will deal, but then they still bark.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

So the economy strikes again

I hate the fact that a lot of my posts relate to unemployment or layoffs.
2 years ago my company was very prosperous with 178 employees, today we're down to 56 employees, losing 15 more critical employees this week to just balance the books. Those that are left take a 15% paycut, insurance increases aren't any fun either.

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