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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome Our New Members From Oregon

New members:


Just joined the forum. I live in Oregon, and have been a prepper for many years. Hobbies: Play piano, violin, organ. Love to walk and be outdoors. Gardening (not really a hobby, but it's so much fun I have to class it as such), fishing, camping, reading. Looking forward to a long and good relationship here.

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I hope I'm doing this right and in the right place!! I just found this site while doing research on being a preper. I've always been in that frame of mind but now I think it's past time to act!!! Look forward to all your help and hopefully I can help others.

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We are in Oregon with 5 in my family. Me the prepper, my wife the unconverted, the oldest daughter that thinks I am wierd and sides with her mom, the middle daughter that would jump off a cliff with me and the 1 year old who pop's smoke when she needs a diaper change. I still have chance with her :D

I not listing supplies .....but were good for 4-6 months if the ammo holds out. My next door neighbor is a confirmed Zombie Killer and full on quack job but he is very helpful and has the training.

even though we are in the so called "country" it ain't far enough from Salem, 8 miles. If TSHTF I am concerned that we will need to BO within a couple of days. The problem is where and getting there. Fortunatly we have horses but I can just barely stand them.

anyway just checking in.

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FNG here, 33 yr. old male with dog, long time outdoorsman, we first took interest in serious prepping a couple of years ago. I work in the financial investment world & have a degree in history. The combination of the two combined with the last 15-20 years worth of economic/geopolitical events has me fairly nervous as I try to guage the outcome of current events. I've got my bug-in setup fairly well completed, however, it confines be to a suburb on the outskirts of a 300k person city. Next step is to either aquire a bug-out retreat or affiliate with a group having one already in place...

I have loads of questions. But, I suppose my introductory post is not the place.

Thanks for reading, take care and have a great day!

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Wanted to say hi to the other folks in Oregon. My name's Jenny and I'm from West Linn (a little south of Portland). Just getting started with prepping. For the moment I'm mainly concerned with disaster preparedness, specifically for winter storms (like the ice storms we've had in recent years) and earthquakes.

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