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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Carry Your Survival Kit for Rock-And-Roll Emergencies

That's my boy!
Always carry your pocket survival gear and you'll be ready for just about anything!
That happened last night when I went to an Indie Rock show at the Old Stone Church in Bend, OR,  that featured Portland bands "The Autonomics" and "The Dirty Words."
When my wife and I got there, the Autonomics lead guitar player (who is also my son, Dan) had an amp die, just before the show was about to start.
(Turns out, as is typical of most rock shows, the program's starting time was actually a statement of purpose!)
But it only took my dinky little light on my keychain survival kit to quickly help find and fix the loose wire.
I also had in my pocket a BIC lighter wrapped with about two feet of duct tape. My Leatherman Wave was in the car, along with more duct tape, as was 100 feet of paracord, should the repair job have escalated in scope!
Be prepared if you want to rock out!
The Autonomics: Dan Pantenburg and brothers Vaughn and Evan Likem.

Keychain survival gear

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