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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You know it's hot when I want to work late.

Criminy. It's only 105 with 25% humidity and I'm complaining. I know when I spent some time back east I complained about the humidity (70-90%) and said it was at fault. I'm not so sure anymore. The office has some great AC, yes that's my job and it's keeping us at 70 degrees (other than the server room which is also my job... oops).

Tomorrow I'm making lunch on the roof. I'm bringing in a couple cast iron pans, some eggs and bacon for sandwiches. Yes, I'm cooking without fuel; using a solar reflector and just the black pan pre-heated in the sun. I'll run some sun tea and I'm tempted to do a squash, but I'm not sure how popular it would be.

I'll post some pics of the process and record temperatures / time for those with the need to know.


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