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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bits and pieces

I just dug up the last of my overwintered Yukon Golds, they sure were tasty baked with a olive oil and sea salt rub. The onions that overwintered sprouted some great green onions, they just needed a little clean up from last years onions. I had planned to let them seed this year but decided to relocate things.
If you're near Yamhill County join us at the Master Gardeners plant sale at the fairgrounds. Many other counties have similar events this weekend and coming up soon.
I've been prepping my raised beds for planting this weekend, a few beds have already sprouted and growing but my big push is just starting.

Wild goodies-
This is a great time of the year to get out into the field for spring goodies; cattail shoots, nettles, dandelion greens and buds, truffles and fiddleheads. It's also a great time to harvest pine needles for tea, the young needles just seem to taste better to me.

Unemployment is up 3%-
Yamhill county numbers jumped this month, personally I think they finally got realistic, I've seen way more than 10% looking for a job and it's getting worse. The local newspaper has 5 job offerings, the fewest I have seen in my 40+ years.

Got a GPS?
If you're near McMinnville I have tough 5 point gps course you can play with. 5 colored clothes pins hidden by dense vegetation, but still in plain site. I didn't set it up but I passed the test this week, you can expect 2 hours. If you want to play send me an email and I'll send you the coords.



American Prepper said...

I cant wait to get home to get our garden going, looking forward to it, we have to put up 8 foot fence around it due to major deer problem

Those unemployment statistics are never accurate. I'm thinking more like 20% just from the people I see and talk to.

Also want to mention that we have a new site up dedicated to updating people on the Swine Flu Outbreaks


Anonymous said...

Do you know of a store that sells Mylar bags, gamma lids, Dietz lanterns here in the Portland/NW OR area? A walk in, pay cash kind of store? Thanks. JB

The Hatchet said...

In 1918 the flu was being spread by mail carriers and the money. So, be careful about your mail, and touching money! Just food for thought.

hsjacobus said...

I know about nettles and dandelions, but what on earth do you do with cattails?

Rick said...

I can't do a better job of explaining how to use cattails than this page without just pasting it's contents. http://www.wildmanstevebrill.com/Plants.Folder/Cattails.html

I do recommend grilling young shoots as you would asparagus or green onions. That's my favorite. All the other parts are worthwhile but you need to hit them at the right time to make this grocery-store-in-a-plant pay off.

With it's broad spread across the world you need to know this plant.


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