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Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's just a simple rocket.

A few hours ago North Korea decided to test their metal and the resolve of the US and the UN. They launched a rocket they claimed was for hoisting a satellite, perhaps it put a benign payload in orbit, but do you honestly believe that? It really doesn't matter though, they weren't allowed to launch a device like this, and yet we let them to just see what they were doing. They told us what they were doing just so they could push the envelope, knowing that we wouldn't touch them for something claiming to be benign. You don't kill the known bully when he's carrying an axe to go cut wood. You have to wait until he use the axe on an innocent. But why can't you take away the axe?
We, the US had the ability to remove that axe and prevent it's first chop before it was swung, but we let it fly, I ask you WHY? Sure the repercussions would have been bad, but you could give them 10 minutes to remove people.
This rocket is no less than an ICBM, sure the range is expected to be only as far as Alaska, Hawaii or the west coast of the US, guess what; the US is their target. Not that they need to actually launch against us, they just need to make us nervous. Now we and they know their rocket works and can hit a domestic target. If we had shown the strength and resolve to cut that thing in half before the launch... well it would be another story.

North Korea now has it's own nuclear delivery system, even if they don't push their abilities they know they can sell it and money is what they need.

Welcome to the new cold war.



Humble wife said...

This is a grave day for us, as those countries further ahead than Nkorea understand clearly that we are now a country that is going to watch and wait for the UN to write up 50 MILLION sanctions towards them.

Oh how sad November will be remembered for our nation.

Joel the K said...

I disagree with you Rick. The USA cannot afford to play global police. A soveriegn nation has the right to defend itself. North Korea does not launch wars for profit and oil like two other countries we know of. Mainstream news is propaganda and lies. I respectfully disagree. Thank you.

Rick said...

Joel, I agree that it's not our job to be the worlds' policeman but if we don't point out when somebody is trespassing who will? How often do you let somebody walk in your front yard or violate the worlds decisions about someones conduct before you beat their ass with a stick?
Do you let the paroled mass murderer (as North Korea easily applies under it's current regime) walk around with an axe or do you take that axe away immediately before he has a chance to swing it?


OldOrPioneer said...

I remember Pearl when it couldn't be done but the "in the back door" stuff like 9/11 are the greater problem. That type will be around to cheer the end!

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