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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Oregon Prepper

Oregonians are a fairly moderate set of Americans, and I try to express this with our blog. (if you wish to comment or join this blog let me know, I appreciate altered content and different opinions)

Prepper's are people that want to prepare for themselves and their families and even their neighbors; some are militant, many have other agendas or opinions, all are welcome on this blog. If you wish to join in posting you can.

I don't want to prepare Oregon all alone. Other's have valid thoughts about their part of the state, Hell, the Willamette Valley is like living in a rain forest, share your portion of the state.



American Prepper said...

I'm a native Oregonian myself, though havent lived there in over 8 years, so I hope one of these days soon I can have time to put together a guest post for ya. I will certainly try to recruit some people I know...and yes, we all need more contributors so anyone willing to step to the plate and help out with any of the prepper networks please let us know.

Rick said...

That's nice to know Tom, Where and when did you start out. I'd love to find out you were a buddy growing up in Oregon.


Humble wife said...

I like this idea to round up others in your state, and am going to try this on NM blog.

Maitreya said...

Hi Rick,
I'm not an Oregonian right now, but may be in 6 months or so. I'm headed to Washington first, but I may wind up in a community in or near Oregon.
Oregon is my favorite state on the West Coast. Weather is warmer and people are friendlier than WA, and I don't have to mention most of CA is CRAZY.
Are you in western OR?
Maybe I could visit on my trip across country.

Just me said...

Wait... you mean Oregon that was just voted the 51st most unhappy state? THAT Oregon?

Don't even get me started on the foreclosure rate, especially in those "hip and trendy" places. UGH.

Rick said...

For Maitreya I offer the following:
I'm in Yamhill County in western Oregon.
Give me an email at rick@oregonpreppersnetwork.com

I'd love to get together and shoot the breeze or give you the benifits of my state knowledge, free of charge obviously but with my own personal bias :)

For Just Me I'm confused as I don't recall any of the unhappy reports, maybe the MSM just hides it from us. We have a great state in many ways, if you wish to dispute it give me a couple factual responses. I'm more than willing to debate an intellectual discussion, but I'll laugh at the baseless crap.

We have more silly freedoms than you can shake a stick at, from medical pot and assisted suicide to no state sales tax. Our minimum wage is above where it should be (other than the current cost of living due to property taxes).

Bring it on if you want to fight Oregon, I'll defend the good parts of my state just as I'll depend the good parts of my country.


madmaddy said...

I live in Central Oregon, and let me tell you the preppers are scarce in this neck of the woods. I've put a few feelers out, but no luck so far. Even posted on Craigs list. I know they are out there, just think that they are laying low.
Great blog!

Benjamin Franklin said...

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

"We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."

Anonymous said...

If you live in the Willamette Valley and intend to shelter in place when TSHTF it is useful to think about water. It is true that for 8 months a year we have all the water we need. But the summers are dry and often there is no rain for three months straight. Depending on the crisis/disaster water may not be available at your tap. What is your plan? You need to water the garden, drink, cook and wash.

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