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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How Long?

A response by member Elona to an original post by Detentus

I became aware of the word prepping about a year ago and started in earnest then. I never cared for the term survivalist and did not see myself in that term. I've been into being prepared in some way or another for years. I've home canned for years, crocheted, and "put things by." I don't like being beholden to others for my existence and I don't care to live by rules imposed by others to get help from them.

I got serious about things about 4 years ago when I had no power for 4 days during an ice storm. That didn't include long term food storage at that time but more being ready for bad weather events. Most of the town was driven out into the national guard armory. I stayed home with my kerosene heater, my gas stove (still worked lighting it with matches) and plenty of candles, a couple of crank flashlights, and a battery operated radio and books for entertainment.

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