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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wheat fields dying in NE OR

Post by imtnt1

We saw this report in our local paper about 30-40K acres of wheat dying from something they haven't identified yet and "haven't seen before". It's in Morrow & Umatilla counties. FYI. May be a rust? I don't know, but scary nonetheless on two counts: a) there's an awful lot of the ag economy in Oregon & Washington in wheat, and b) exactly what is it and is it spreading?

Thought I'd pass the head's up along, as it sure perked my interest being a prepper and all, plus the cost of commodities already going up.

I'd be really interested in any info anyone can add. Haven't had a chance to get home and rub elbows with any of the wheat ranchers to hear the scuttlebutt yet.


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